August 31, 2011

Grantwood Grain Grippin'

Not the usual choice of material here on Fear of. Most notably because it's good!!! As opposed, obviously, to our usual straight up, microphone smoking, gang banging (as in were all in the same gang, not we're all in the same vagina) turning dueces into marks and previously respectable females into shoplifters, or at the very least of interest to Police in their ongoing enquiries into a spate of recent identity frauds, awesomeness!!

I don't know why i like this tune as it represents much of what i find disagreeable about rhyming with timing, but it has a superb hook and three very different styles on display. This seemed to be enough to catalyse me to place aside my long standing principles and nod my head like i had under developed neck muscles and was attempting to circumnavigate a cattlegrid on a Raleigh Chopper whilst wearing a particularly heavy helmet. The fact that, sadly, they chose to film the final two minutes in a strip club in no way detracts from proceedings; though the objectification of women is something i strongly object to, and quite loudly when i'm in the presence of other ladies. So imagine the volume i reached when Slim Thug (it's a literal nickname because he's slim, but also a thug) allows himself to be fellated whilst driving a carbon monster. DANGER!!!! Now i've tried this also, as the receiver i homophobically add, and it is a recipe for an unwelcome insurance renewal rise. Close observers will note that Mr. Thug looks neither left nor right when Escalading across a junction, and he has my sympathies as i couldn't concentrate either. This changed dramatically though when i stalled the car at traffic lights and my beloved souped down Renault Clio lept forward and the young ladies dental work left an indelible mark on my fun zone. I'll let you make your own biting point joke.

Enjoy the video!! Though not if you are under 18, have nay sense of morality, decency or are vaguely concerned that they played 'I'm In Love With A Stripper' during the Superbowl. Save the kids? It's too late.

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