October 11, 2010

UK B-Boy Champs 2010

Last night was the crew battles at Brixton Academy, and what a night it was.  Nelson contraversially beat Salah in the popping finals, Flying Buddah beat Lilou in the Solo Finals and Japan were knocked out of the crew quarter finals by Top 9, much to the crowds dissatisfaction. 

But the highlight of the night was Vagabonds quite rightfully beating Top 9 in the final, their moves were better and the routines were slicker.  Top 9 started to look like they'd run out of steam towards the end, but lets not forget it's their 3rd final in as many years.

I've also got to mention the UK's Soul Mavericks.  They reached the semis and it was good to see a crew with a strong B-Girl.

I'll upload the HD video in the next few days, including the solo and crew final battles.

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