April 29, 2012

Da Teacha

For those tuning in expecting one of my legendary uninformative posts on the great KRS - One, don't worry it's still in the pipeline. Although much like the Siberian conduit that provides Europe with its gas lifeline, Mofo's keep trying to blow it up, to keep the 'people' from what they need!

Whilst at school I am sure i was no different to any of you in that there were two words that were simply guaranteed to make my day. No not a mate breathlessly shouting 'saw breast' Grow up. I mean 'supply teacher'. Oh yes. All the adrenalin and excitement of Christmas Eve, but with unrestricted access to an arsenal of stationary based weaponry, and thirty cohorts screaming for a first hand view of an adult taking their first tentative steps towards a nervous breakdown, with binge/purge variant. Mr. Boone walked in tall, but he left with a tipex montage of abuse on his black leather jacket. As he left in tears i know was not alone in thinking 'he looks like an underpaid and ugly extra from Grease' because Raj, bless him, (he manages a bank now!) shouted 'you look like you're in Grease you twat'. You knew when you'd taught Class A. Looking back it was quite prophetic that we were called that, as two of my class mates subsequently went on to spend time at Her Majesty's Pleasure for selling a powdery range of merchandise to promote our forms name! Bless them.

Anyhow enough of my unnecessary reminiscing, lets get to the matter at hand. Quite simply if our academic here had strolled into our form, i suspect it would have been a different story. The Blizzard well and truly blows itself out.

Please check out the link below if you're intrigued.

To all the teachers out there, i sincerely apologise for much of Class A's conduct, we knew not what we did. Well, certainly when challenged about it later.

This post is dedicated, though i appreciate the material is hardly appropriate, to my wonderful Grandfather who passed away age 93 recently. He was my best friend and i miss him dearly. He wouldn't have approved of tipexing teachers, but always made me laugh. Goodbye Grandad.

The Teacha

April 25, 2012

Who shot Biggie Smalls, if we don’t get them they gonna get us all.

That Dead Prez lyric may no longer hold true, as Biggie’s killer (apparently) can’t get us all. According to this interview with Greg Kading, a former L.A.P.D. detective who spent 3 years heading the investigation into the murder of the Notorious B.I.G., he says that he knows who killed Biggie. And what’s more he names them, along with Tupac’s killer, and many of the conspirators. But what’s most intriguing is his certainty that neither of these cases will ever be formally solved, and he explains why.

The sceptics and conspiracy theorist’s will no doubt cast shadows of doubt over these claims (and any others), but given that Greg Kading is one of the few people who has spoken to all sides involved and seen all the evidence, his story is compelling and cannot be ignored.

See what you think:

Mike Check

April 18, 2012

The Family Tree

Wherever you grew up in the world and whichever era you grew up in, it’s likely that alongside listening to hip hop, you probably also read a comic or two (apologies to our female readers who may not have connected with comics like most of us boys do).  Our love of comics continues into adulthood as we’re the generation that’s now watching the Iron Man, X Men and Batman movies etc.

But when was the last time you actually picked up a traditional comic? For me, it was about 6 months ago when I was rooting around in my loft. I opened a box which I thought contained an item I was looking for, but instead it had some old comics in it. This was a pleasant surprise and I was momentarily distracted as I pulled a couple of editions out and thumbed through them, reminiscing of old times.
I soon remembered that I was in my loft for a purpose and within a few minutes the comics were returned to deep storage and I was back searching for what I’d originally gone up there for.
This kind of summarises my love of comics. It was once there but it has been filed, almost indefinitely, to make space for other things. Until now…..

April 10, 2012

What is Cydeways?

Well, there's a clue in the title.  Yup, you probably guessed it, The Pharcyde are cydeways, and it's a pretty good way of describing their musical style.  As it happens, I own very little of the Pharcyde's catalogue, but there's no denying that they are one of the most original hip hop groups ever to hit the industry.

The Pharcyde are often cited as one of 'the greats' and their debut LP Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde is an agreed classic, but too often it is forgotten that The Pharcyde's creativity doesn't stop with their music.  Their music videos have been consistently innovative since day one, and if they don't opt for a zany concept, they do something with the visuals to keep an otherwise simple video very intriguing.

April 4, 2012

Chromosomal Beatdown

This interview isn't new, but its always good to hear from Dr Octogon (or any of his other aliases).  It's just what you'd expect from the Ultramags hardest working emcee, Kool Keith, it really is some off the wall ish!!!  His digressions about the future of the human race and the increasing number of ugly people is interesting whilst at the same time classic Kool Keith.  Enjoy it, but don't take it too seriously, we're not all going to end up ugly.


Mike Check