February 25, 2011

World DMC DJ Championships 1987-2001


This nice little medley shows the DMC Champion for each of the years performing their winning DJ sets.  Seeing these performances back to back really shows how much turntablism has progressed since the early years.  From Chad Jackson scratching with a pool cue, to Rock Steady DJ's being the first crew to take the title, and then DJ Craze's amazing 3 titles in a row, total domination of the competition.

Here are the list of winners, the download link is below.

1987 - Chad Jackson (UK)
1988 - DJ Cash Money (USA)
1989 - Cutmaster Swift (UK)
1990 - DJ David (Germany)
1991 - DJ David (Germany)
1992 - Rocksteady DJs (Mix Master Mike, Q-Bert, & DJ Apollo) (USA)
1993 - Dreamteam (Mix Master Mike and DJ Q-Bert) (USA)
1994 - Dreamteam (Mix Master Mike and DJ Q-Bert) (USA)
1995 - Roc Raida (USA) - X-Ecutioners
1996 - DJ Noize (Denmark)
1997 - DJ A-Trak (Canada) - youngest ever world champion aged 15
1998 - DJ Craze (USA)
1999 - DJ Craze (USA)
2000 - DJ Craze (USA)
2001 - Plus One (UK)

Download Link (Hotfile - 700mb)

February 18, 2011

Sabac - The Ritual DVD

Sabac Red (as he was formerly known in Non Phixion alongside DJ Eclipse, Ill Bill & Goretex) is an underrated political and conscious MC with a lot to say that will provoke the mind. He has released two solo projects since Non Phixion disbanded in 2006, both released on Necro's Psycho+Logical-Records, but each remain slept on by the masses (which is no bad thing).  His 2nd offering The Ritual came in two formats, one of which was accompanied by a DVD.

Although this DVD isn't a highly polished, big budget effort, it's certainly not one of those lame efforts which are just a collection of random clips.  You know the ones, where they use mobile phone footage of live concerts and call it 'exclusive content'. 
Sabac has really made an effort to engage with the viewer by giving them an insight into the work that he does behind the scenes to improve his community and educate the kids.  He commentates on his work and his feelings and this informal narration cuts in and out throughout the DVD and successfully pulls together the various other footage that we're presented with. 
The DVD is a full length film featuring videos, interviews, live European tour footage with Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse, freestyles, behind the scenes making of 'The Collabo Collection Vol. 2 Mixtape' and more.
Download Link (Hotfile - 690mb)

February 12, 2011

Shyheim - Live on BET

Shyheim (aka The Rugged Child) was the youngest (and probably smallest!) member of the Wu-Tang Clan. But his age and stature hasn’t affected his presence within the Wu-Tang and compared to many of the better known Wu affiliates, Shyheim has actually had much more success. He’s released studio 5 albums over a 15 year career and worked with a stellar line up of major artists including Big L, 2Pac, Mya, Smoothe Da Hustler, B.I.G., Jay-Z etc.

In 1995 he made a cameo appearance in TLC’s Waterfalls video and has since starred in several Hollywood movies along side the likes of Omar Epps, Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree and other rappers such as Nas and LL Cool J. I don’t think U-God or Cappadonna could top that.

In this video, Shyheim performs one of his biggest hits Manchild, live on BET's Teen Summit alongside fellow Wu affiliate Tekitha.  This is one of my favourite Shyheim cuts, second only to Furious Anger with Big L. 

Download Link (Hotfile - 28mb)

February 4, 2011

Big Daddy Kane - Get In To It (1987)

One of my most prominent memories from 1987 was the explosion of pirate radio and the amazing array of talented rappers that were blaring out of my stereo.  Never had my speakers had it so good.  Of all the artists at that time, Big Daddy Kane was the one getting the heaviest rotation.  Every time the DJ changed and the next show started, they too would play the latest BDK 12" that their predecessor had only just played half an hour before, but hey, I wasn't complaining because his shit was so dope.

Big Daddy Kane was like Rakim in that his lyrical ability and delivery truly set him apart from almost everyone around him.  He struck an incredibly fine balance of using complex metaphors alongside classic battle rhymes over punchy up tempo beats whilst still managing to sound smoother than a full Brazilian wax.  His diction was crisp and every word was audible, despite the speed at which he often delivered his rhymes, (something many new school artists should study, but don't get me started on the current trend of lazy rap). 

To quote the legend himself:
"And let's just get one more thing understood"
"If I fart on a record, trust me nigga, that shit gon' sound good"

This 12", along with a couple of his other early 12"s, was released on the Prism label, which later merged with Cold Chillin.  It's produced by Marley Marl and has the fantastic Just Rhymin' With Biz on the B side.
When people talk about the explosion of Hip Hop in the late 1980's they usually mention Eric B & Rakim, PE, LL, Run DMC etc but Kane is too often omitted from this list which is an injustice as his influence was as great as the fore mentioned.

Track listing:
A1 Get Into It (Vocal) 5:08
A2 Get Into It (Instrumental) 5:11
B1 Somethin' Funky 5:07
B2 Just Rhymin' With Biz 4:03

Download Link (Hotfile - 27mb)