October 8, 2012

Free of Style

FreeOfStyle Mixtape (1 Long Track) cover art

This is a great little mixtape for those golden age nostalgists out there.  Instead of being the usual mix of classic tracks from established artists, this mix infuses a number of short freestyles over a selection of both well known, and not so well known beats all mixed together by DJ Sav One and DJ Dyllemma.

Dubbed the FreeOfStyle Mixtape - The Underground Come Up: 90's Edition, the whole mix lasts around 45 minutes and kicks off with a nice Lord Finesse track.  There are other DITC offerings from the likes of Big L and A.G. (who goes over a classic Jeru beat to great effect), along with some unexpected inclusions such as Dead Prez and Children of the Corn etc. 

A couple of the freestyles will be familiar to some (hasn't every freestyle by Eminem, Big L, Biggie etc been used to death?), but nonetheless there are plenty of unheard or relatively unknown tracks in here too.  These are frequently coupled with beats that you wouldn't expect, but work well and make for an enjoyable mixtape.  Check Guru over Mobb Deeps Quiet Storm instrumental for example.  The embedded music player and full tracklisting is after the jump.

Mike Check

FreeOfStyle Mixtape - TheUnderGroundComeUp: 90's Edition:

01. FreeOfStyle Intro 01:02
02. Lord Finesse Freestyle 01:11
03. Pete Rock Freestyle 01:25
04. Nas Freestyle 01:09
05. M.O.P. Freestyle 01:26
06. Method Man Freestyle 01:16
07. Q-Tip Freestyle 01:36
08. Biggie Smalls Freestyle 00:56
09. Kool G Rap Freestyle 00:51
10. AG (DITC) Freestyle 01:43
11. Masta Ace Freestyle 00:59
12. Lord Finesse Freestyle 01:38
13. Nas Freestyle 01:39
14. Children of the Corn Freestyle 01:14
15. Dead Prez Freestyle 01:56
16. DJ JS-1 Drop 00:09
17. Fat Joe Freestyle 00:54
18. Big L Freestyle 01:31
19. Pharoahe Monch Freestyle 00:44
20. AZ Freestyle 00:44
21. Bobbito Drop 00:15
22. Raekwon Freestyle 01:58
23. KRS-One Freestyle 01:32
24. Mos Def Freestyle 02:12
25. Biggie Smalls Freestyle 01:21
26. Mobb Deep Freestyle 01:38
27. Ghostface Interlude 00:45
28. Ghostface Freestyle 01:26
29. Jay-Z Freestyle 01:05
30. Eminem Freestyle 00:41
31. Eminem & Royce Freestyle 02:08
32. Q-Tip Drop 00:06
33. Q-Tip Freestyle 01:27
34. Guru Freestyle 01:08
35. Pharoahe Monch Freestyle 00:55

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