November 30, 2012

What's been out there...

November's been a pretty dope month for classic material and historical hip hop trivia, as this months round up hopefully demonstrates.  Amongst the collection is an unreleased mix of a Rakim classic, some Pharcyde craziness, and a monster collection of rare old school radio rips.  Check it out after the jump.

Really Backwards?

I remember asking myself the question back in 1996, but with no internetz how could I ever know whether the pharcyde really did rhyme backwards in their video for Drop, or whether there was some camera wizzardry?  Well 16 years later I eventually find out (not that I've been searching for the answer), and I have to say I'm quite impressed by the result, see for yourself.

Unreleased Rakim

I was recently contacted by producer Dominic Owen who offered us this previously unreleased mix for the Rakim track New York to Cali.  Dominic originally produced this for Rakim in 1995 along with 3 other tracks (hopefully he'll consider airing them in the near future too!), but this version was never used.

Rakim is usually criticised for lacking in the production department, but for me personally I think this mix is far better than the one that was eventually pressed.  It makes me wonder how many other Rakim tracks have better versions that are unreleased?  
Either watch the video below, or if you'd prefer to have your own copy then use the Soundcloud player below to download it.  Many thanks to Dominic Owen for sharing this with us. 

The 100 Greatest Hip Hop Beats

Anyone who goes anywhere near a project like this is inviting a whole world of ish to come their way.  So it possibly comes as no surprise to those familiar with his work, that Robbie over at did 90% of the work on this list. 
I'm not suggesting this list is good, or right, or even close.  But keep in mind how many dope beats have been made over the decades and then imagine the task of picking the 100 best!!!  The list will remind you of some classics you may have forgotten whilst provoking your memory to fill in many of the gaps that have been missed.  Enjoy arguing out loud with your computer screen!

Gang Starr - Mini Documentary

At nearly 6 minutes long it really is 'mini', but nevertheless it's a nice little reminder of Gang Starr's history and and significant contribution to hip hop.  Thanks to 238 Beats for digging this up.  R.I.P Guru.

Remember Jeff Young?

Well it's probably only our UK readers that might remember him, and you probably need to be 30+ to stand a chance. 
Long before Tim Westwood reached the dizzy heights of Radio 1 and had his unique 'twang' assaulting the ear lobes of the whole nation, there was Pete Tong.  And before Pete Tong, there was Jeff Young. 
What was so good about Jeff Young, was that he was pretty much the only person playing hip hop north of London on a legitimate radio station.  Every Friday night he'd hit you up with the latest releases and didn't talk like he was doing a poor impersonation of an American whilst constipated (cough, Westwood, cough).

The Static Hiss blog has recently uploaded the last ever show from December 1990, so if you remember Jeff, check it out.  Tracklist includes Hijack, Master Ace, Blade etc.  Memories...

Marley Marl Recreates Classic Eric B & Rakim

Yup, its the 2nd Rakim instalment this month, but it's an intriguing little video.  Watch Marley Marl recreate the Eric B is President beat from the original sources.

Old School Hip Hop Tapes

A blog that does what it says on the tin!  Some of you may have previously discovered this blog in the past, but when Mega Upload was taken down almost a year ago, most of it's content disappeared over night and the frequency of the postings diminished.  
But now it seems that they're back, and in the last month around 2Gb of old tapes have been uploaded and there are some real classics to be found.  If this is your thing then I recommend you head over and take a look for yourself at

Mike Check.

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