January 24, 2013

More Unreleased Rakim


Following on from my previous post, producer Dominic Owen is blessing us with yet another unreleased track from his personal collection.  In my last post I speculatively questioned how many other Rakim tracks had better versions that remained unreleased, and this is just further evidence that the answer to that question could be many.

What I find quite frustrating is that 1995 is the era when Rakim was coming under a lot of fire for his poor selection of producers and tracks, and rightly so.  Many of his official releases were lyrically outstanding and musically underwhelming.  And now we see another example of a shelved track that is far superior to much of what was being released at that time.
This version has that classic mid 90's sound to it and would have been a real head nodder had it been released.  Forget that, it still is a head nodder, take a listen.

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