February 18, 2013

When Philly Met Brooklyn

This is the recently made documentary about Freshco & Miz, the emcee and DJ duo who won their respective titles as the Battle for World Supremacy Champions in 1989. For those too young to remember, the Battle for World Supremacy was the competition to win back in the day, and winning had always ensured that a prosperous career lay ahead.

Previous winners of the DJ battle had been DJ Scratch, Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff. So when Miz won in 89 and teamed up with Freshco, the emcee champion from the same year, they looked set to follow in their predecessors shoes, but that wasnt to be. This documentary explores their journey to, and beyond, the Battle for World Supremacy. Why it didnt work out and what happened to masters of their craft.

Theres some really nice nuggets of history shared through the narrative of this documentary. Miz in particular highlights some of the evolution that was taking place at that time in terms of DJing techniques and how the music industry was changing around them. Keep an eye out for appearances by MC Serch (BfWS host), MC Lyte, Guru, Ice-T as well as early performances by Treach, Dres and Yo-Yo and several others.

As a side note, Im not sure what happens to Monie Love at 57:30, she suddenly decides to speak like someone with learning difficulties, very bizarre!

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