March 17, 2013

SBX - Holding Down The Tradition

Classic mini documentary from the D.I.T.C crew.  Featuring clips from the infamous freestyle battle between Lord Finesse and Percy P (the whole battle is on YouTube so check it out), and the friendly rematch that was made specifically for this DVD.  R.I.P. to Party Arty.

Also features performance of the tracks:
1. A.G. - Inspiration
2. D-Flow - Don't Know Me
3. Party Arty - Everyday
4. G.D. - Ghetto Dwellas
5. A.G. - Little Big Man


  1. I have this DVD somewhere. I didn't buy the soundtrack but I seem to remember it going for a few bob after it was sold out.

  2. You ought to rip that DVD and get it on YouTube. I remember looking for an online copy of this a few years ago, and couldn't find it anywhere. This copy isn't the best, so a DVD rip would be great.

  3. I've found it out so I'll try and make some time to do just that.