August 1, 2013

History Continues To Be Uncovered

It feels like the resurgence of interest in pre 2000 hip hop just keeps growing and growing, as this months round up will testify.  Once upon a time we waited for what seemed like an eternity just to see something hip hop related grace our TV screens.  Now it feels like every month there is a new project that is turning out a new insight on a part of our culture.
I'm all for it, so long as we don't get saturated with recycled clips and retold stories, but so far, it seems like most of what is being produced is a fresh perspective.  And long may that continue!


First up in the latest documentary-that's-soon-to-be-released category is Unstoppable  which looks at the evolution of London's hip hop scene.  I normally reserve judgement until the final film is released, but this looks quite promising as they're focusing on all elements of hip hop, have unearthed unseen footage and UK hip hop history that hasn't been properly documented yet.  

PTC Mix - Naughty By Nature


Zulu Nation's DJ Lord Ron keeps preserving the culture (PTC) with his latest mix.  This time he's done a special mix dedicated to Naughty By Nature.  It's a nice little blend covering Naughty's best tracks, and it's available for download too, enjoy.

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Rap Cover Versions… Now With Less Rapping!

This an interesting idea.  Take instrumental cover versions of well known hip hop songs that have been created by mostly non hip hop artists and mix them all together.  The result is an interesting and moody mix, that frequently leaves you scratching your head trying to identify what that familiar tune is that you're listen to.

A wide array of artists are covered, from Souls of Mischief to 50 Cent, and all work very well (yes, even the 50 cent instrumental sounds good!).  How many tracks can you guess?  The full track list is on the RBMA website if you're struggling :)

Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary

Michael Holman who created the US hip hop TV show Graffiti Rock is putting together a documentary to celebrate it's 30th anniversary next year.  He's looking for sponsors/donors and will reward the contributors with an array of memorabilia, and it certainly sounds like an interesting project to get involved with.  Watch the clip below to find out more, or visit the website for a more detailed history of Graffiti Rock.

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