October 28, 2013

Get The Lowdown

This is probably a bit niche, but if youre somewhere around the age of 35-45 and grew up in the UK, then youll probably enjoy this old episode of the youth TV series The Lowdown that attempted to explain this new thing called hip hop to the uninitiated British youth. Originally shown in the late 80s (89?), this episode isnt going to teach you anything about UK hip hop history, but it does provide a window into the world that so many British kids grew up in.

Refresh your memory on some of those hideous outfits that your whole crew used to wear, the shabby social housing, the kid in your class who thought he could rap/beatbox/breakdance and didnt want to be left out of the current craze etc.  It's cheesy, it might even make you cringe, but it's hilarious viewing.

Watch out for contributions from Ice-T, and an early appearance by MC Spee who later went on to have success with Dreadzone and the dance music scene. But my personal favourite is the discussion about the essential need to have a posse, its priceless and had me in stitches.

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  1. I remember seeing this, recorded it but my tape ran out and I missed the end off. The things that stick in my mind are the early appearance on TV by Lords of Rap and that guy who 'just don't agree with Sky TV'. Classic.