November 5, 2013

Hijack - Live at Montreux

One of my friends has been trying to get his hands on the full video footage of this concert for some years now, but without success.  It's definitely out there, but only clips of it ever seem to emerge.

But today Janka-Man over at the 1994HipHop blog has shared this 320kbps tape rip of the whole concert. You probably won't see this again, so if you're interested then head over and grab it before the links die.

There used to be a website that was dedicated to Hijack and held many video clips including some of this concert.  They were low quality uploads (probably uploaded via a dial-up connection), but a quick google search hasn't helped me to find it.  Mind you, its 2013 and using the search terms 'Hijack' and 'Terrorist Group' provides countless pages of other material, no doubt knocking what I'm looking for back onto page 243 of the search listing.  If anyone knows the site I'm thinking of, please drop the address into the comments section, cheers.


  1. It was Gibo's site but I think he's closed it down. It was called Thanks for the heads up on this though. I was lucky enough to catch Hijack when they did the Rhyme Syndicate tour in '90 or '91, can't remember the actual year but it was at the Leadmill in Sheffield. Donald D, Afrika Islam, Hen G & Evil E, DJ Aladdin, and I'm certain Lord Finesse was there too along with Ice T plus Hijack who stole the show, for me at least and all for 6 quid. Wish I still had my ticket stub and t-shirt with the bullet holes in it.

    1. Yes, that's the one, I knew it had a Hijack related name but couldn't think what it was.
      It was 91 that they all came over, because I saw them in Norwich. The only downside was that Hijack didn't do that show. Still, the rest of them did a good show, in fact Aladdin and Lord Finesse were outstanding. Funnily enough, I think I may still have my ticket stub :)


    thanks for a write up bro, but u should check this tape also.
    i know some uk hedz havin that, but its still a good find for some

  3. I was at Norwich Waterfront in 91 and saw Hijack perform, they ripped it up so well we were all knackered by the time ice t came on....