January 21, 2014

We Bring The Smac!

Smac 19 were a big part of the UK's early B-boy history.  Hailing from Sheffield, the crew were a force to be reckoned with and along with several other crews from the midlands and the north, they showed that the UK had a lot to offer.

After many years of memories, the Smac 19 name has now been revived to give a new generation of B-boys and B-girls something to live up to.  Check out the new Smac crew...

I dedicate this to Moyinka who grew up in the original Smac 19 era.

1 comment:

  1. Ha, nice one, didn't know they'd been resurrected. I remember seeing the original Smac 19 battling by the old Fiesta building in the city centre. It had a large flat roof area on top of a multi storey car park, still there now but it's the Odeon cinema at one side and the O2 Academy occupying what used to be the Fiesta club and it was paved so perfect for b-boying the afternoon away. I remember 2 big blokes carrying a massive roll of lino and a crowd forming around it and both crews performing some amazing power moves and I wanted to be as good as they were. There were battles or 'challenges' as they were called around our way almost every Saturday afternoon but I only attended a few. Wish I'd kept it up, might've been up there with these guys now...