January 26, 2011

What does it take to make you whyl?

For most people a can of Brasso inhaled rapidly will do the trick, for Ace, Buckshot and Special Ed, living in Crooklyn was enough. A classic video where you can almost smell the crime, of which Special Ed seems to be particularly aware as he spends most of his verse looking round like he wished the car they were tied to was travelling much, much faster. And he was inside it!

Three legends on the microphone in my opinion, i feel in particular that Special Ed didn't get his props. He had a very different style, which sounds as fresh now as it does then, and was always positive on the microphone, without making the listening feel that they'd accidentally walked into a sermon staffed by an overbearing local youth worker.

Ace was, and continues to be, one of my favourite. His lyrics were always on point, his stories always kept me interested and painted a picture that invited the listener into his world and offered you a comfy seat next to the TV. His first album, 'Take a Look Around' is a very good place to start if you fancy catching some of his insightful rhymes. Musically he was very versatile, so if this doesn't fit the bill for you, one of his later masterpieces might!

Buckshot has a flow that is instantly recognisable, and its great to see him still recording today with all manner of noted producers. 9th Wonder in particular suited his style i felt.

Firearm to your, i'm sure, gorgeous face, who would you chose as you your favourite of all time? I have to stay that is the second hardest question after, would you like to be buried or cremated? I still don't have an answer to either. Do you have any thoughts? Primarily to the first one really. I don't have a particular interest in the second unless i'm apologising profusely through teary eyes and your legs are sticking out awkwardly from under my car.

If you are interested in a copy of the video, here it is:

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