January 4, 2011

Pete Rock & DJ Premier Interview

Pete Rock and DJ Premier were undoubtedly the most influential producers during the whole of the 1990's.  They raised the bar and set the standard for other producers to aspire to. 
In recent times their presence, and prominence, has slightly diminished but 2011 looks like it could be the year for both of these super producers to return to the top of their game.  With a new Pete Rock and CL Smooth album and a Pete Rock vs DJ Premier album due for a 2011 release, we hopefully have a something to look forward to.

In the meantime they have released a DJ Premier vs Pete Rock DVD, but this is only available in Japan (although it can be obtained on import).  The interview below is 1 hour of bonus footage from the DVD.  Both take a retrospective look at many of the tracks they have produced over the years, going right back to their early material, and telling stories about each one.  Some of the history to how these tracks came to be is fascinating and this is certainly worth a watch.  I just need to track down the rest of the DVD....

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