June 14, 2011

Cronite feat. Masta Ace - Sick of it all

Masta Ace double bill - Part 2.

I'm not familiar with Cronite, all I know is that he's a German based Croation emcee who's been in the game for nearly two decades.  He's got several albums under his belt but it's his latest offering 'Magnum Opus', that is reaching far beyond his native Germany (it's available on Amazon.com if you're interested in previewing/purchasing it).

This particular tune dates back to late 2006, but for the most part it seems that it's gone completely under people's radar.  Which is a shame, because the beats are nice, Ace completely kills his verse, and although Cronite maybe isn't the most distinguish emcee he can certainly spit and he has something to say.

Ace's verse is of particular interest on this track for several reasons.  He partially flips his usual distinctive style and as a result he sounds a little like a hybrid version of himself and Royce 5' 9", but it works well. 
His lyrical style and content bears close resemblance to that of his partner Strick on the EMC track Git Sum featuring Sean Price.  On that track Strick spits:

I don't give a fuck about the guns that you're not blasting
and I don't really care about the cheques that you're not cashing
or the chicks, you know, the one's that you're not smashing
I fuck around and punk all you cats but I'm not Ashton

Compare that to Ace's lyrics on Cronite's track:

I'm sick of rappers claiming their hot when they're really not
I'm sick of rappers bragging about shit they ain't really got
These cats stay rapping about cars they don't own
I'm sick of rappers bragging about models they don't bone

However, keep in mind that Cronite's track was laid in 2006, so it pre dates EMC's Git Sum by 2 years as EMC didn't release their collaboration album The Show until 2008.  I'm not suggesting that Strick was biting from Ace and it's only a few lines rather than a whole verse or style, but it really stands out and it's possibly a good example of the close similarities between the members of EMC and why they gel together so well.

The rhyme highlight on this track has to come from Masta Ace who perfectly sums up commercial radio in one line:
I'm sick of radio playing the same 23 songs
by artists with careers shorter than Mini Me's arms!

Digest and enjoy.

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