June 22, 2011

R.A. The Rugged Man - Rare Promo DVD

This is a nice little rarity to share with you.  In fact it's so rare I can't tell you that much about it!  As it's a promo DVD it's not going to be listed or reviewed on any credible music related website or online store, and I can't seem to find any further info in any forums either.  So it's left to me to give you the low down on what to expect from it.
From what I can tell it was produced in early 2004 to promote his Die Rugged Man Die LP.  The first music video on this promo is for the hidden track at the end of his album called I Should'a Never.  Although this video can be seen on YouTube it has been censored due to the explicit content.  This DVD has the fully uncensored version which besides the female nudity, it also has scenes of R.A. removing his brain with a fork and various other provocative and suggestive imagery.

In many respects this is just what you'd expect from an R.A. video, his style and comedic approach are as prominent here as they ever have been.  However, this is from a time that isn't too far after his Crustified Dibbs era and so his rhyming style is the old, and less impressive, technique.  Whereas his latest reinvention with his verb flipping, tongue tieing, machine gun lyrics (as displayed here in one of my earlier posts) is definitively unique to R.A. and puts him firmly at the top of his game.

We're then blessed with a great little interview with Bobbito (of Stretch & Bobbito fame) where he talks about their history on the radio and his early beginings etc.  But this is followed by a series of bizarre film reviews with his girlfriend (he was writting movie reviews at that time).  R.A. showcases numerous retro B movies from his collection which all seems a bit pointless until he explains the title of his unreleased 1994 debut LP when he went under the Crustified Dibbs persona. 

There is also a trailer for what he describes as his own (soon to be released) movie called The Landlord Stretcher, but its actually a video for the rare track American Lowlife.

For a promo DVD it's very nice.  Promo's DVD's usually consist of one (two if you're lucky) full length music videos to promote a single or album.  But this is much better as it's running time is 42 minutes long! 
This isn't the kind of video that you'll watch time and time again, but if you're a collector of music videos, particularly the rarer stuff, then this is worth having purely for the uncencorsed version of I Should'a Never which I've not seen anywhere else (until now!).

Download (Hotfile 2x 350mb)

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