May 30, 2011

Falling from the sky.

These Campers were a couple of smooth fellows. Fresh from a meticulously planned armed robbery, resplendent with pre-purchased masks, straight into your local greasy spoon for a cholesterol caper that is so dangerous that the staff go back into the seventies to serve it! That is how they spent Saturdays. Makes my lay in until three o'clock seem like a complete waste of time!

Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede must have been pleased with the reviews their first album "Uptown Saturday Night' garnered. It was a slice of Bronx dopeness that didn't trouble heads with yet more of the grimy plagiarism that seemed to plague the era and leave you feeling like one one rapper was at work in the whole of NY for that particularly period, and he was gargling with gravel. Funk, funk funk was the order of the day; props from peers and critics alike flowed, no doubt seduced by the charismatic duo's effortless rhyming and the sheer variety of instrumentation/samples used. If you don't have a copy, i would suggest that you head over to your local record shop, curse that you completely forgot it closed, and succumb inevitably to the great CD rack in the sky at Amazon.

The link below will furnish you with a copy of their crossover hit 'Lucini' that troubled the Billboard charts as i recall at the time. Sadly a couple of mediocre albums followed, with only the odd guest appearance to remind us of what was. However rumour has it that they are still recording and a certain Peter Rock is behind the boards!!

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