May 15, 2011

I'm a light Sleeper.

Another fine artist who never seemed to attract much attention or recognition, Saafir seems destined to be passed over only to be mentioned in the occasional footnote of Hip Hop articles.

I think this might be because he went a little against the grain of what was perceived to be West Coast modus operandi at the time, you know, irritating high pitched breaks shoehorned into a sampler with the G-funk conversion button firmly depressed, while someone with access to khaki trousers and a checked shirt arrhythmically shouted something incomprehensible about Doz Hoez and their cars suspension settings. Saafir eschewed this approach, he controversially went with a non adjustable suspension with standard MacPherson struts. Idiot!!! Musically he championed a far more organic sound with an endearing on beat off beat style that really makes the track bump.

Hope you like it.

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