January 15, 2012

Rec your life.

It always makes my day when i discover a dope new artist. You might be saying to yourself, "well you're easily pleased", but as my almost beautiful, live in, go back to her mum's for a bit, live in, "i'm going to stay with friends", live in, "i think we need some space", live in 'but things need to change' lover, would eagerly confirm this is not the case. So you may wish to consider familiarising yourself with the San Fransisco dwelling, Ferris Bueller loving, Jerry Rice autograph hunting, Richie Cunning.

Mr. Cunning is part of the Rec League, and a highly regarded MC in his own right. Much more information can be found at their Microphone Headquarters, Routinefly.com. If i know Fear of a Wack Planet readers like i think i do, you'll all be particularly interested in the 'Free Music' section, which contains a thoughtful critique of the suppression of blues musicians in post war Eastern Europe. Not really, Beats and Rhymes are gratis in that mo fo. They are a relatively new label, and this is certainly apparent in Richie C's fresh and uplifting flow that relies on skilful wordplay and no little humour.

I first encountered our microphone manipulator on his Late Night Special mixtape, where his easy going manner and highly entertaining flow were married with an innovative set of beats that nodded respectfully to Hip Hop's roots, whilst undoubtedly offering some funky finesse. However what resonated most was that it was the first time in some months where i wasn't compelled to kaboom the LCD screen indiscriminately. Whilst some tracks, after repeated listens, were stronger than others, i can genuinely state that seven months later it is still on the iPhone and still getting listened to in its entirety. Off all the accolades The Cunning meister has achieved and has yet to achieve, i am reliably assured by sources close to the artist, that this is the one that keeps him going when life punches him in the face. No sign of my troublesome Rhyme Attention Disorder at all; the G-Unit, different story.

Don't take my word for it, like i need to tell you that, check him out!

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