January 1, 2012

New for the New Year

Well 2012 is finally here, and as everybody talks about their hopes, dreams and ambitions for the year ahead, it seems more fitting for us to look at some new material instead of our main focus on the golden era and old school. 
There are always plenty of promises from artists about their forthcoming material, and plenty of critics citing a certain album to be 'the one' for this year, but in so many instances I find these claims to be huge let downs.  For example, how many releases did DJ Premier promise last year that never appeared?  I'm not hitting on Premo, he's a busy man and there are probably valid reasons for the delays, but as a fan I don't want someone to dangle a carrot that cannot be eaten!

So here are a couple of gems that I'm bumping right about now that might just be worth your further exploration.  These are available to purchase/download right now too, so you won't have to wait until Dre's Detox drops to own them for yourself.

If you haven't heeded my buddy Randy Mack's advice and downloaded Elzhi's (free) album Elmatic yet, then maybe this video will tempt you.  It's a beautiful video that really captures the specific era of Detroit when the then unknown emcees were battling for recognition and reputation.  Using rare and unique archive footage, catch glimpses of Royce 5' 9", Jurassic 5, Eminem, Proof and many more whilst Elzhi takes you down his Memory Lane.  It's a fitting tribute and compliments Nas's original.

Jedi Mind Tricks
This is the latest single to be taken from JMT's 7th album Violence Begets Violence.  Featuring former Outsidaz emcee's Young Zee and Pacewon and produced by Mr Green, this shows that JMT are still a forced to be reckoned with despite departing from Stoup the Enemy of Mankind.

This track also reminds me that Pacewon and Mr Green's new album (The only number that matters is Won) is due to drop real soon.

The ever skillful Murs returns with his latest album Love and Rockets Vol 1: The Transformation.  This is the latest video from that album and Murs remind us of just how good a storyteller he is.  His a zany video, but very entertaining. 

Happy New Year to y'all

Mike Check.

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