February 1, 2012

Blogwatch - January 2012

Damn, what a great start to the New Year.  It seems as though bloggers and web masters are going crazy with their content.  Here's the usual monthly round up of the internet's best offerings. 

Fab 5 Freddy discusses Gang Starr's Just to get a rep video
The DJ Premier blog has come correct twice this month!  First off is an interview with Fab 5 Freddy about the iconic Gang Starr video for their single Just to get a rep.  Fab 5 discusses the production processes of casting the right characters, picking the right locations, avoiding MTV's strict cencorship whilst still delivering one of the best hip hop videos of all time.

W - The story of the Wu Tang
The Pie and Ears blog has shared this great documentary on the Wu Tang Clan.  With a running time of 1 hour and 20 minutes, this is the full on story of the Wu legacy.

Making a classic Dr Dre video
One of the most memorable videos of the era (and possibly of all time), Nuthin' but a G thang encapsulated the emerging west coast G funk vibe.  Director Dwight Patillo talks about getting his break in the industry and what it was like working on all of Dre's videos for The Chronic.

Ol' Dirty Bastard's FBI Files
Following on from the great Wu document above, what could be more interesting than a read of the FBI files relating to ODB?  This is the genuine article and covers many interesting periods of ODB's life including robberies, shootings and suspected affiliations.  Despite the cencirship in certain parts, it's still an informative read.

DJ Premier - Old School New Year Mix
The DJ Premier blog shared this exclusive New Year mix from DJ Premier.  It's a 2 hour mix of classic old school tunes all mixed up by the man himself.  You can check out the full tracklist in the embedded player below.

And if you want to listen to it on your iPod/iPhone? Click Here!

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