February 28, 2012

What did your teachers teach you...

...well if your school was anything like mine, then probably not half as much as 'The Teacha' (aka KRS One)!  So why not take the time out to listen to some more of his wise words and interesting takes on a wide range of subjects? 

This is a lengthy interview, but its definitely worth watching.  KRS is one of the few artists that I would give up an hour and half of my time to hear what he has to say, and thinking about it, I've actually done this on several occassions.  Having attended one of his lectures I experienced first hand how good KRS is as a public speaker.  A lot of artists these days can't fill a 10 minute interview with anything particularly interesting, but KRS is always engaging and often causes controversy with his frank and honest viewpoints.  Enough said, just hit play.

Mike Check


  1. ... this was the best 90 minutes I had in a loong time ...thank you ..we're keepin it real over at http://radionula.com ..OneLove

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it. I'll check out your site too, Peace.