March 13, 2012

New Music, Major Artists, Free Downloads

I didn't think anyone would mind if I shared some new music, especially if that new music is free to download.  But most notable here is that the artists featured are well known, credible artists, and these downloads offer a great mixture of different styles and era's that I'm sure will appeal to the mature b-boy. 

There are 5 albums embedded here, so readers who follow this blog through an RSS feed may need to visit the site directly to see the embedded media players and access all the download links.

Gensu Dean - Jointz Mixtape

Gensu Dean has released this Jointz mixtape that has been mixed by DJ Chief-One.  It features tracks by Ed OG, Brand Nubian, CL Smooth, Large Professor, Roc Marciano and more.

Now if you're feeling the 2nd track featuring Large Professor, you'll be pleased to hear that it's been released as an EP (although strictly speaking I would call this a 12"), with a remix and instrumental available to download.

And if by the end of all of this you've really caught the Gensu Dean fever, then why not check out his remixes of 8 tracks from CL Smooth's 2006 LP American Me

Brother Ali - The Bite Marked Heart EP

The vetran Rhymesayers emcee Brother Ali has released this free to download EP entitled The Bite Marked Heart.  I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet so I can't really comment on it, but anyone familiar with Brother Ali's work will know what to expect and will know that it's definitely worth checking out.

Download it here:

Planet Asia & Doo Wop - The Arrival Mixtape

I've never been a follower of Planet Asia, even though I really liked some of his early releases.  This is a varied mixtape, but a number of the tracks capture that old school vibe with the new school feel, and it works perfectly.  I'm guessing this mixtape has been dropped to warm us up for his new album Black Belt Theatre which is due out soon.

Fokis - A Vintage State of Mind (Hosted by Sadat X)
This is a lovely little mixtape that I think most of you will love.  Like the Planet Asia mixtape above, this has that old school feel with new school rhymes and flows.  But, and it's a big BUT, there's much more to this mix as the overall sound is much more consistent.  From start to finish this mix just flows perfectly and keeps you fully immersed in that old school vibe. 

Plus, as someone who apprecaites detail, it's great to see that there are benefits to actually downloading this mixtape (as opposed to just listening online).  The mix tape comes with a Graffiti inspired black book with many legends doing tags, throw ups and pieces, so what are you waiting for?

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