March 7, 2012

Blogwatch - February 2012

I know February is the shortest month, but for me it just seemed to completely pass me by.  To much to do and too little time, and the net result is an all to brief monthly round up.  Sorry folks, but paying bills comes first, lol.

Anyway, here are a couple of highlights from my trips around the blogs, websites and twittersphere.

10 favourite sample flips
Egotrip continue their series of favourite sample flips from some of the best producers in the business.  This time the funky technician Lord Finesse takes his turn followed by J-Zone.
These two beat makers are a perfect example of the alternative approaches taken when producing banging instrumentals.  Whilst Finesse combines funky breaks, his trademark snares, and a signature DITC baselines, J-Zone opts for the rarest, oddest, most bizarre, retro TV and film samples which he combines with a sound that can only be described as organised chaos. 
Either way the end result is the same.  Head nodding, eyebrow raising hip hop.  But who do they think has made some of the best sample flips?  Find out:

1988 Mini documentary on the use of samples
Considering this clip is just under 9 minutes in length, there are some notable contributors such as Coldcut, Prince Paul and De La Soul.
What's most interesting about this footage (other than the retro clothing) is the reminder of the different views about sampling's legality at that time and how this era changed the face of DJing and producing forever.  Props to Battlechasers for digging this up.

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