April 29, 2012

Da Teacha

For those tuning in expecting one of my legendary uninformative posts on the great KRS - One, don't worry it's still in the pipeline. Although much like the Siberian conduit that provides Europe with its gas lifeline, Mofo's keep trying to blow it up, to keep the 'people' from what they need!

Whilst at school I am sure i was no different to any of you in that there were two words that were simply guaranteed to make my day. No not a mate breathlessly shouting 'saw breast' Grow up. I mean 'supply teacher'. Oh yes. All the adrenalin and excitement of Christmas Eve, but with unrestricted access to an arsenal of stationary based weaponry, and thirty cohorts screaming for a first hand view of an adult taking their first tentative steps towards a nervous breakdown, with binge/purge variant. Mr. Boone walked in tall, but he left with a tipex montage of abuse on his black leather jacket. As he left in tears i know was not alone in thinking 'he looks like an underpaid and ugly extra from Grease' because Raj, bless him, (he manages a bank now!) shouted 'you look like you're in Grease you twat'. You knew when you'd taught Class A. Looking back it was quite prophetic that we were called that, as two of my class mates subsequently went on to spend time at Her Majesty's Pleasure for selling a powdery range of merchandise to promote our forms name! Bless them.

Anyhow enough of my unnecessary reminiscing, lets get to the matter at hand. Quite simply if our academic here had strolled into our form, i suspect it would have been a different story. The Blizzard well and truly blows itself out.

Please check out the link below if you're intrigued.

To all the teachers out there, i sincerely apologise for much of Class A's conduct, we knew not what we did. Well, certainly when challenged about it later.

This post is dedicated, though i appreciate the material is hardly appropriate, to my wonderful Grandfather who passed away age 93 recently. He was my best friend and i miss him dearly. He wouldn't have approved of tipexing teachers, but always made me laugh. Goodbye Grandad.

The Teacha

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