April 25, 2012

Who shot Biggie Smalls, if we don’t get them they gonna get us all.

That Dead Prez lyric may no longer hold true, as Biggie’s killer (apparently) can’t get us all. According to this interview with Greg Kading, a former L.A.P.D. detective who spent 3 years heading the investigation into the murder of the Notorious B.I.G., he says that he knows who killed Biggie. And what’s more he names them, along with Tupac’s killer, and many of the conspirators. But what’s most intriguing is his certainty that neither of these cases will ever be formally solved, and he explains why.

The sceptics and conspiracy theorist’s will no doubt cast shadows of doubt over these claims (and any others), but given that Greg Kading is one of the few people who has spoken to all sides involved and seen all the evidence, his story is compelling and cannot be ignored.

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Mike Check

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  1. True, but they were hired. So, who are the real killers behind this?