May 25, 2012

What is Rap SM?

If you liked my recent Pharcyde post then you might also like this live concert from Oakland's Souls of Mischief
The gig was filmed at an event in Helsinki, Finland called Rap SM.  I don't know anything about this event, but it's billed as a 'Freestyle Battle' [if any of our Finnish readers want to expand on this, please feel free to update us in the comments section].  Having looked at the Rap SM website, it seems like an event for Finnish emcees to battle each other, and each year they get a major US underground artist to perform at the event.  The last two years have seen Elzhi and Wildchild perform, but in 2009 it was the turn of the Hieroglyphic affiliates.

All to often, the footage of your favourite rapper in concert turns out to be a grainy, muffled, dimly lit and filmed from the back of the stage on a mobile phone type of affair, which is more than a little disappointing (whoever thought we wanted to see the back of an artist?).  And I'm not talking about the crap you find on YouTube filmed by paying fans, this stuff is frequently padding out full price retail DVD's!
So footage like we have here, with clear audio and visuals (where you can actually distinguish the faces of each emcee) feels like a real treat, especially when it's for a group that these days receives a minimal amount of exposure.  Read more after the jump...
Although the concert is only 45 minutes long, the Souls play a good selection of their tracks including new material (well, it was new at the time they recorded this performance) from their fifth LP Montezuma's Revenge which was released a couple of months after this show.  They even take us right back to 93 'til Infinity which still sounds just as good almost 20 years later!

This concert isn't available on DVD and cannot be purchased, so it's only right that we provide you with the embedded video and download links after the jump. 


Or stream:

Souls of Mischief - Live at Rap SM in 2009 by FoaWP

Mike Check

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