May 6, 2012

Where have you been?

Regular followers are probably thinking that I forgot to compile my usual monthly round up of interesting discoveries that I've found on my many journey's through the information super highway.  Well the truth is, that recently I've just not found very much that has been worth sharing with you. 

With so many blogs and websites taking time out to regroup after the megaupload situation, new and interesting content has been temporarily scarce.  The good news is, that things seem to be picking up a little, and this month there are some real gems for you.  Let's hope this trend continues, but in the mean time here's my blogwatch for April:

It’s not too often that I find myself being both excited and nostalgic - at the same time - about new music. But this week’s new release of O.C. and Apollo Brown’s new LP Trophies has done just that. I started hearing the hype about it a month or two back, and the early tracks they leaked to promote it had my ears open, but I still had my reservations as to whether this could really live up to all the hype.

Well I’m pleased to say that it’s better than I expected. Apollo Brown has successfully crafted 16 tracks that perfectly compliment O.C.’s style and flow. Many of the tracks sound like they could be unused beats from the vaults of early 90’s producers like Pete Rock, DJ Premier or Buckwild etc

O.C. is back at his best, allowing his cadence to effortlessly intertwine with Apollo’s beats. The end result is a stellar album from start to finish. And if you don’t believe me, you can check out the whole album here (which contains a couple of free download tracks). If you like it, please support the artist and head over to their bandcamp page and buy a copy (it's only $9.99). It’s also been pressed on wax for all those vinyl heads out there.

Check the album after the jump, along with the trailer for Ice-T's new documentary, a critical review of Rza's Bobby Digital and a Tupac resurection!!!

The Hollow Man
For those who somehow managed to miss all the twitter and internet hype about Tupac's holographic reincarnation, here it is, in full!  It's pretty clever stuff and it's entertaining to see, but it does pose some interesting questions for the future.
Will Puff Daddy plan a world tour with a holographic Biggie?  Does it mean that we could now see a complete Wu Tang Clan line up for the first time in years?  I can also see the day when a record exec uses this technology to replace their incarcerated artist , or to get artists on the same stage that would never ordinarily agree to it (an Eric B & Rakim reunion maybe?). 

Enough of my paranoid digressions, just check out this surreal performance from one of hip hops dearly departed.  Skip to 32 mins if you're only interested in seeing the Tupac performance.

Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap
Ice-T's directorial debut Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap has been getting rave reviews ever since it was first aired at the Sundance festival back in January.  The only problem has been that folk like us never knew if, or when, we might get to see it.  Well that has now been resolved and the documentary will be getting a theatrical release on 8th June.  This has to be one of the most highly anticipated hip hop documentaries in recent years.

Rza - His debut album analysed

Samuel Diamond over at the TROY blog has done an excellent critical analysis of The Rza's debut solo album Bobby Digital in Stereo.  It's rare these days that something Wu related pops up and intrigues me, but this is a brilliantly written narrative.  Samuel strikes a perfect balance between, sharing his research, having an opinion and being open to others interpretation.  He also shares some interesting thoughts and conclusions that have inspired me to dig this classic out of my collection and give it a serious relistening. 

I wish more bloggers would put their neck on the line like this and give an informed personal opinion and take a risk at interpreting a piece of work, it makes for a bloody interesting read (let's face it, anyone can upload an album to mediafire and share the link, but this stuff takes serious amounts of time to write and research).  Nice one Samuel.

Peace out,
Mike Check.

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