June 23, 2012

Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Original Rap Version)

After many attempts at locating this particular version I finally had the good fortune of stumbling across it and I do mean stumbling. The recent bombardment of mix tapes with unknown or 'random' rap cuts have made me in to a bit of a wreck trying to track down certain records that I never knew existed, which admittedly is a lot easier nowadays what with the internet and all, but also actually owning quite a few that were featured is a surprise and also makes me glad I don't have to shell out silly money to get them. I'm referring in particular to the excellent 'Crown Jewels' series of mixes by King Aroe and the Sound Makers, volume 2 containing this excellent version of a reasonably popular record from the late eighties. It came free with a copy of the Record Mirror and on the back of the sleeve states, 'unavailable elsewhere' although I was told just yesterday by an online acquaintance that this was on the LP which made me feel slightly miffed but I only paid 99p so who could grumble at that? There's loads of these on discogs and they're all incredibly cheap, some starting at 75p and I only went for the 99p one because of the very reasonable p&p the seller was asking for. There's 3 other tracks on it too, all pretty ordinary and not worthy of a mention here but I ripped the whole thing anyway for the completists among us. All hail Michael Viner and his Incredible Bongo Band.


  1. Hey Moyinka, this an interesting post that has helped jog my memory. I used to buy Record Mirror myself in the late 80's and still have a couple of these 7" freebies (but I don't think I've got this one from memory). There was a Derek B single, but I need to dig out the others to see what I've got.
    This was a top choon and Merlin was a very under rater emcee.

  2. dig away Mike Check, be interesting to see what else they offered up. I saw sure beats two but it wasn't as 'exclusive' as this first one so I passed that one by.