June 19, 2012

Yo! Documented

First off I've got to say thanks to Warz over at the StyleWarriorzRevenge blog for digging this up.  For anyone who missed it, VH1 showed a documentary about Yo! MTV Raps a couple of weeks back.  Now don't let yourself be put off by the previous efforts that have feebly attempted to reflect on this iconic show, this is the real deal.  Firstly it was an hour long show (the minimum needed to do any kind of justice to a 7 year programme that hosted 100's of artists).  Ed and Dre are back reflecting on the highs and lows and some of the back stage drama that went on (like Chuck D being mad at Flava Flav for dropping crack on the stage during a live performance!).

If, like me, you had an episode of Yo! as part of your daily routine then this is essential viewing.  A copy of this documentary briefly appeared on DailyMotion for about a day, but it was quickly removed, so watch this pronto in case the same thing happens again!

The full episode is embedded after the jump

Mike Check

Update - If you haven't seen the first episode of Yo! (or maybe you've not seen it for a long time), then you can get it here in one of my previous posts.

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