September 2, 2012

Nobody is on holiday!

I thought this was the holiday season when everybody went away and the internet hit a periodic lull.  Nope.  The US heatwaves and the UK washout seems to be keeping people indoors, so there's been plenty of interesting stuff to keep me entertained this month, and here are a few things that I think you might appreciate, read plenty more after the jump:

Eventually - Show & A.G. LP Is Coming

For nearly a year it's been talked about, leaked, hyped, pre released etc etc, but it seems that it's now actually going to happen for real.  This is the first track from the full LP and if it's anything to go by then the LP will be some real grown man rap (at last).

Total Eklips

French beatboxer Eklips gives us a Hip Hop history in 4 minutes of top notch beatboxing .  He covers everything from Planet Rock, to Tupac, Public Enemy to Dr Dre and everything significant in between.  It's good fun trying to name the tunes and keep up with how quickly he flips them.


Crazy Legs Retires

The Rock Steady Crew's longest standing member, Crazy Legs, has retired after 35 years of B-Boying.  Watch this CNN report to see his parting words and feelings.

Lord Finesse Bio

This brief biography (10 mins) of Lord Finesse has turned up, and although it's an old clip ripped from a VHS tape, it makes interesting viewing.  It includes interviews with Fat Joe, Buckwild, Akinelye, and others.
It appears to be from the era of his 3rd album The Awakening which was released in 1995.

Busta Rhymes - Mini Documentary

As the narrative on YouTube states:
With this in-depth documentary, we spoke to Busta and some of his closest collaborators about the evolution of his double time rhyme style and how dubbing live old school rap battles as a child lead him to wowing crowds today. Watch the video, revisit some of Busta's best records and grab his explosive (as always) new singles, "King Tut" and "Doin It Again" for free:
Nuff said, if Bussa Buss and LONS are your flavour, then this 20 minute mini documentary is for you and there are some notable commentators divulging his history.

Peace out,
Mike Check

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