September 16, 2012

Saxon Scoundrels - The B Boy Master Files

These days when most people first get online the obvious thing, I would imagine, would be to look for porn. Not so in my case you'll be pleased to know as the old school b boy in me never died so my first mission was to find out some old records I wanted but never had enough money to buy. I remember searching for two records in particular, 'You Can Make It' by Charlie Brown and The CB Girls and 'Little Cezar' by Elliott Ness & The Untouchables. One of the websites that came up was one called 'Trakfinder' and it was run by a chap by the name of Russell and he called himself the MP3 Genius. There was also a message forum where you could discuss whatever you liked musically speaking as long as it was old school related. I was a little nervous at asking for stuff at first but thought what the hell, he can only tell me to cobblers so I asked for both the aforementioned tracks in mp3 format and they appeared within a few days in my inbox and I was delighted I can tell you. He also had some cut 'n' paste, Latin Rascals style mixes for download, namely 'Locked In To The Boss' parts 1 and 2 and they were  unbelievably dope. I discovered this limited 7" single pressed on orange vinyl to make it extra special and released on Freddy Fresh's B Boy Beats and Pieces label which has more of the same razor sharp editing and is the first where he teamed up with his partner in scoundrelling Ictus and they contribute an offering each, both of which I'm sure, will blow you away.


  1. This 7" is crazy. If I didn't know it was from 2003, I'd have struggled to put a year on it. A great mix of the old and new. Good find.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. This was the first project me and Andy [ Ictus ] got together on and I can remember the meeting well in a pub in Leeds. We spoke about our love of oldschool hip hop n electro and planned to work together. I`ve worked with a few people on mixes but no one understand the way I work like Andy does and I think that comes through in the Saxon Scoundrels projects!!
    We`re going to work on more very soon, there`s still work to be done so keep an eye on us on facebook and soundcloud!!
    Still can`t believe that first release is nearly 10 years old now!!!!

    Russ [ half of the Saxon Scoundrels ]

  3. Alright Russ. I think you mentioned a bit back that there was some new stuff on the cards but I can wait. For a bit. I got the other one you released on wax too, the 12" on dark red vinyl which is another corking Scoundrels release. I must dig that one out.