March 18, 2014

Ace & Perry On Rap City

Skimming through some of my old VHS rips, I spotted this old episode of Rap City from 1994 that was hosted by Masta Ace and Paula Perry.  This is Ace from the Born to Roll era of his career, and seeing this made reminded me just how much Ace has adapted over the last two decades.

First off, he talks about the careers that are about to launch for each member of his INC crew (which clearly never materialised!), you also get to smirk at Paula Perry's hair (which could never be considered a good look in any era), and Ace empties his backpack to let the viewers see what random items he travels with, which is slightly bizarre.  A thousand guesses wouldn't provide the answers, but look out for the super size Madden '94 cartridge and some skin cream! Props to Masta Ace for keeping it real since day one.

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