March 2, 2014


What might you have missed from around the web this month?  Well, there is sure to be something here that will spark your interest.  There's a strong sense of history in this months review, but don't overlook the last item which will certain lighten your mood?

Who Used That?

Most of the samples in this video aren't that difficult to decipher, but that's not really the point.  This little clip is a really effective way of pulling together over 50 years of sampling in just 3 minutes.  I could have watched another 10 minutes, its good stuff.

Live From The Shed

If you haven't come across the Hot Butter Soul Music Archaeology (HBSMA) chaps or their numerous video blogs before then you've been missing out.  They've had several notable artists pass through their shed (yes, you read that correctly!) to discuss breakbeats, influences, music history and plenty more. 
Don't let the no frills accommodation and countryside attire put you off though, these guys know their stuff and are great to watch.  This month they had M.C.M. of Caveman pass through, who talked about the rise and fall of Caveman, his musical influences, and he brought along some breaks from his personal collection to share. 

9th Wonder Goes Back to School

Oh boy, watch this and just wonder what your further education choices would have been like, if this type of course had been available 20+ years ago!  This is just the trailer for a full length documentary on 9th Wonder's tenure at Harvard University teaching The Standards of Hip Hop.  This is some serious shit when academic institutions are recognising the significance and importance of hip hop culture and want to explore it's history, long may it continue.
Further information on the documentary and other artists becoming involved can be found on their website -

Tap the bottle and... blow across the top!?!?!

So let's end this review on a lighter note.  I think I've seen everything now!  No explanation is needed, just hit play and watch something that raises more questions than it answers, but is damned clever too.  Oh, and its more fun to look away from the screen and guess the tunes.

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