February 4, 2011

Big Daddy Kane - Get In To It (1987)

One of my most prominent memories from 1987 was the explosion of pirate radio and the amazing array of talented rappers that were blaring out of my stereo.  Never had my speakers had it so good.  Of all the artists at that time, Big Daddy Kane was the one getting the heaviest rotation.  Every time the DJ changed and the next show started, they too would play the latest BDK 12" that their predecessor had only just played half an hour before, but hey, I wasn't complaining because his shit was so dope.

Big Daddy Kane was like Rakim in that his lyrical ability and delivery truly set him apart from almost everyone around him.  He struck an incredibly fine balance of using complex metaphors alongside classic battle rhymes over punchy up tempo beats whilst still managing to sound smoother than a full Brazilian wax.  His diction was crisp and every word was audible, despite the speed at which he often delivered his rhymes, (something many new school artists should study, but don't get me started on the current trend of lazy rap). 

To quote the legend himself:
"And let's just get one more thing understood"
"If I fart on a record, trust me nigga, that shit gon' sound good"

This 12", along with a couple of his other early 12"s, was released on the Prism label, which later merged with Cold Chillin.  It's produced by Marley Marl and has the fantastic Just Rhymin' With Biz on the B side.
When people talk about the explosion of Hip Hop in the late 1980's they usually mention Eric B & Rakim, PE, LL, Run DMC etc but Kane is too often omitted from this list which is an injustice as his influence was as great as the fore mentioned.

Track listing:
A1 Get Into It (Vocal) 5:08
A2 Get Into It (Instrumental) 5:11
B1 Somethin' Funky 5:07
B2 Just Rhymin' With Biz 4:03

Download Link (Hotfile - 27mb)

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