February 25, 2011

World DMC DJ Championships 1987-2001


This nice little medley shows the DMC Champion for each of the years performing their winning DJ sets.  Seeing these performances back to back really shows how much turntablism has progressed since the early years.  From Chad Jackson scratching with a pool cue, to Rock Steady DJ's being the first crew to take the title, and then DJ Craze's amazing 3 titles in a row, total domination of the competition.

Here are the list of winners, the download link is below.

1987 - Chad Jackson (UK)
1988 - DJ Cash Money (USA)
1989 - Cutmaster Swift (UK)
1990 - DJ David (Germany)
1991 - DJ David (Germany)
1992 - Rocksteady DJs (Mix Master Mike, Q-Bert, & DJ Apollo) (USA)
1993 - Dreamteam (Mix Master Mike and DJ Q-Bert) (USA)
1994 - Dreamteam (Mix Master Mike and DJ Q-Bert) (USA)
1995 - Roc Raida (USA) - X-Ecutioners
1996 - DJ Noize (Denmark)
1997 - DJ A-Trak (Canada) - youngest ever world champion aged 15
1998 - DJ Craze (USA)
1999 - DJ Craze (USA)
2000 - DJ Craze (USA)
2001 - Plus One (UK)

Download Link (Hotfile - 700mb)

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