February 18, 2011

Sabac - The Ritual DVD

Sabac Red (as he was formerly known in Non Phixion alongside DJ Eclipse, Ill Bill & Goretex) is an underrated political and conscious MC with a lot to say that will provoke the mind. He has released two solo projects since Non Phixion disbanded in 2006, both released on Necro's Psycho+Logical-Records, but each remain slept on by the masses (which is no bad thing).  His 2nd offering The Ritual came in two formats, one of which was accompanied by a DVD.

Although this DVD isn't a highly polished, big budget effort, it's certainly not one of those lame efforts which are just a collection of random clips.  You know the ones, where they use mobile phone footage of live concerts and call it 'exclusive content'. 
Sabac has really made an effort to engage with the viewer by giving them an insight into the work that he does behind the scenes to improve his community and educate the kids.  He commentates on his work and his feelings and this informal narration cuts in and out throughout the DVD and successfully pulls together the various other footage that we're presented with. 
The DVD is a full length film featuring videos, interviews, live European tour footage with Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse, freestyles, behind the scenes making of 'The Collabo Collection Vol. 2 Mixtape' and more.
Download Link (Hotfile - 690mb)

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