March 20, 2011

The Bomb dropped.............and then nothing.

I don't know what to say here really. The trajectory of this mans career, despite strong hopes to the contrary, has followed that of an eighty year olds erection. Crude you might be saying Randy, crude. But i have no doubt that the octogenarians limpness was brought on by watching one of the Aks amatuer porn productions married to a jarring set of noises he would later controversially call tracks.

It wasn't always like this though, the first album, (whilst admittedly providing more than a hint of where he might journey next, it was charmingly entitled "Vagina Diner') was a fierce piece of wax. Akinyele could really rhyme. Whilst many of his contemporaries became embroiled in losing battles with passing fads or styles, The Yak had realised that his booming voice, married to a flow that journeyed into interesting stories or wordplay that didn't ever feel forced or studied, would be more than enough. Head nodding poetry seemed to come naturally to this lyricist, and he had a charisma both on the microphone and video, which always gave me confidence that the people who dismissed hip hop as a gimmick, where missing out. Really missing out.

The boards for Vagina Diner were manned by the Head of Beat Making Classics, The Large Professor, and it made for a potent combination. Extra P, perhaps sensing that it was Akinyele's verses that would be the stars of the show, kept things minimal, with a bassline often the only hook. Their understanding saw a classic album emerge, and today it is very tricky to acquire without handing some reputationally questionable dude on Amazon £90 for the privilege of him creating an unlikely tale of non delivery, crucially involving your proof of posting certificate.

I would love to know what the great Professor thinks of his student, as they didn't work again together to the best of my knowledge and i can't help thinking we're the poorer for it.

Anyway enough of my unread ramblings, please check the link below for a genuine hip hop classic with a truly gifted duo in the mix.

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