March 13, 2011

The Greatest Man Alive.

Anybody who has had the misfortune to read my previous posts (no mocking please, i'm sure there is something wrong with the hit counter) knows i am obviously not self referencing. No, that would be The Greatest Blogger Alive!!

Moving swiftly on, and i really couldn't blame you if it were to another blog, i have often noticed that when people are discussing their favourite, or even the greatest MC's of all time, 3xDopes EST never seems to be mentioned, and i cannot mo fo understand why. Granted he had set the bar ambitiously high when they released 'The Greatest Man Alive', but even if he falls short of this heady target, trailing narrowly behind Charlie Sheen obviously, then he was certainly close. Expansive diction, smooth yet distinctive delivery and some quite incredible jumpers, made the group a memorable sight.

The video linked to below is from their classic first album that contained some fantastic material, sadly record label issues saw them release a second album, that whilst enjoyable, was a collection they were later to admit, was far more commercial than they would have liked. Predictably it didn't do as well as was hoped, and from 1990 onwards they seemed to disappear from the scene, only to release a 3rd album in 1999 entitled 'The Sequel 3' without warning, and apparently, publicity, marketing strategy or melody!

Please check the link below to appreciate a great M.C. at the peak of his powers backed ably by Chuck Nice and Woody Wood.

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