March 11, 2011

Mad C - 700 Wall

700 Wall - Final Update from Molotow on Vimeo.
Thanks to Battlechasers for the nod on this one.  This is one of the craziest graffiti pieces I've ever seen.  German graffiti artist Mad C spent most of 2010 painting a single wall in what is probably the biggest graffiti project ever undertaken by a solo artist.  In her own words she says:

"I used 1489 cans; 158 different colours; 600+ caps; 3 different kind of caps, 100 liters primer; 140 liters exterior paint; painted at temperatures from +2C° to +38C° in sunshine, rain, storm, day and night; painted my biggest and smallest piece so far and overall painted my name far more than 100 times on this wall."

When you watch the video you'll start to appreciate what an undertaking this was.  I strongly recommend that you play this in full screen mode and choose some good points to hit the pause button to fully appreciate the detail in her work.  Alternatively, head over to the links below and see some photos of the wall in more detail.

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