April 26, 2011

Crack is Wack!!!!

Well don't let the person about to wardrobe the video smoke it before choosing the outfits that you hope will launch you to worldwide fame!

Here we have the largely undiscovered but very funky Nu - Sounds and their dopeness personified 'Condition Red', underground classic. A compelling commentary on the damage Crack was doing to both user and community. Now it may look as though our protagonists have covered themselves in glue and ran through a violently outdated provincial sports shop stockroom for this videoshoot, but i can assure you the shell material sported here briefly replaced the tradition fine weave as the cloth of choice for all but the most conservative lawyer during the 1980's.

These are Hip Hop wardrobe lessons not just for life, but for M.C. Hammer also! "Kids, you literally can't touch this". "Why Mr. Hammer?" "Because kids, the material i'm wearing is now so loaded with post exuberant dance routine static, that even the unintentional twitch of an innocent pubis will see many of us on the 'memories' board at SpontaneousCombustion.co.uk.

Now our dedicated reader might be forgiven for thinking they may have stumbled upon a fashion blog of virtually no influence. Incorrect. We are moderately influential. Unfortunately this is not qualification enough for us to find much in the way of background information on our duo. Nothing on Discogs, Wikipedia and nothing on Amazon. So if anyone reading this can fill in any, and by any i mean all, of the gaps regarding this group then please feel free to drop us an email. I have their first, and i assume only album 'Mackin', but if you are aware of further output then we would love you to drop us a line. To my ears their rhyming was superbly constructed, and the two's unique, but complementary styles and diction made for a very fine album that seems to have been completely slept on. A real shame as they must be the only group in Hip Hop who confidently marched into their barbers and demanded something of uneven height and intimidatingly angular. The clipper connoisseur duly delivered. Enjoy the video!

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