April 7, 2011

Dead Prez & KRS One - Live from L.A. DVD

I’m not sure where this DVD has emerged from as there appears to be a distinct lack of information surrounding it. A Google search just finds a dozen torrent sites with it on their lists and the title claims it's a DVD rip, but not one major outlet has the DVD for sale and I can’t find any reviews or reference to it. This seems pretty strange given that it’s a professionally made DVD with two of hip hops biggest political heavyweights collaborating. So it falls to me to give some insight into what is in store for you.

Neither KRS or Dead Prez should need any introduction, but despite their similarities as conscious rappers who are not afraid to point out political errors, highlight deprivation or berate the corrupt record industries, I still would not have foreseen them collaborating in this way. That said, I’m glad they did as this DVD is a perfect blend of old school meets new school.  Each artist compliments the other as they highlight the different styles that they have adopted in an effort to achieve the same desired outcomes.

The crazy thing is, KRS wasn't even on the bill that night, he was in the audience watching the performance when M1 invites him to join them.  Kris then jumps on stage and rips through a collection of his own hits before dropping into some freestyle's.  In usual KRS fashion, he doesn't just do a quick 5 minutes, no, he gets right into it and pleases the crowd with a medley of hits.

The concert was filmed at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip in L.A. in August 2006.  Dead Prez perform a range of their best material from their first 3 CD's.  It's an incredible performance from both artists and I can definitely say that 'it's bigger than hip hop'.

If you enjoy this DVD then I would normally say go and buy it and support both of these artists as well as conscientious hip hop, but as nobody is selling it you'll have to make do with this DVD rip, enjoy.

Download Link (Hotfile - 690mb)

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