April 1, 2011

Dr Dre Mix

I may not know when (or whether) Detox is being released, and I probably don't really care, but what I do know is that Mike 2600 has done a lovely little Dr Dre mix over at Soundcloud.com.  Mike has dug out the original break beats for many of the classic records that Dr Dre has produced over the years for a range of artists and then blended together the originals with Dre's version for an hours worth of pure funky pleasure. 

I highly recommend listening to this, so either hit play or download a copy for later consumption.

NB: - If you're viewing this posting on an iPhone or through some blog readers, then you might not be able to see the audio player as it uses Flash.

Man, You Been Doin' All This Dope Producin' by Mike 2600

Download Link (Hotfile - 82mb)

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