November 29, 2011

Clean that sampler please Mr. Polo.

Our contemporary Mr. Polo shares many a trait with his famous namesake. They both liked to discover and explore new lands, be it musical or actual physical land lands. Undoubtedly a shared interest in the arts is also present; early Polo was very keen on a bit of prose, later Polo a purveyor of fine Hip Hop. Fashion wise i am reliably assured that neither Polo was afraid of a hair enhanced chin, nor cutting edge hoodie.

However where the analogy departs violently is the state of their respective ships. Early Polo realised that clean equipment was going to be a must if they were to reach their targets of Asia and South America. Later Polo doesn't seem to object to people randomly scribing on his walls. Although this isn't quite true as the our 12th Century explorer was known to cheekily adorn local merchants dining room tables with a chiseled "Marco woz ere" whilst they were tying up his boat. Leading to some excruciating post lunch exchanges, which usually ended with Marco having sandpaper glued to his forehead, reluctantly assuming a 90 degree angle from the waist up and being pulled back and forth quite rapidly. A scene sadly replicated in many a prison shower, sans abrasives obviously.

Enough of my crushingly unfunny, and eventually homophobic, drivel.

I thought this was a fascinating clip that first and foremost demonstrated our protagonists incredible talent. I truly wish i had the ability to conjure magic from nothing in this manner. Later Polo carefully explains his philosophy, and some of the finer intracacies of his beat making. Detailing how he will often chop up several different drum samples to form a rhythm pattern that is to his taste, before intertwining a number of further elements, from again, a number of different records to establish a sound that is recognisably his, but innovative nonetheless.

As far as i am aware this track has not made it to a general release anywhere, please feel to correct me if i am wrong, it really deserves being riden by a talented MC!

Do check the link and i hope you enjoy.

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