November 30, 2011

Free Downloads

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There's a ton of free music out there, but finding the good stuff that is worth listening to can feel like a full time skilled profession.  Well hopefully we can help out a little by providing you with some great new tunes to bump in your iPod.

First up is a new joint from Has-Lo.  Hot on the heels of his highly rated LP In Case I Don’t Make It released earlier this year, he now releases the follow up Conversation B. 
This free promotional track Light Years has been remixed by J-Zone.  It's not quite the usual style of J-Zone production that we're used to (although it still has his trade mark sound to it), but it's just as distinct and inventive.  It's also great to heat that J-Zone has returned to the production boards, as the news that he'd retired was almost like a bereavement. 

If you like the sound of this, then why not check out the rest of Has-Lo's album on iTunes or Amazon.

Showbiz & A.G.
Now these guys need no introduction.  One of the golden era's finest are set to return with a new album entitled Mugshot Music. When I heard this news I was half excited and half apprehensive.  So many times when a formerly credible artist 'returns', they come up short and I feel let down. 
Well fear not, because these early offerings from A.G. via his SoundCloud page have laid those fears to rest.  Showbiz has clearly found the balance between moving with the time and retaining that old Show & AG sound that was most prominent on their 2nd LP.  A.G. still shines and blesses us with his usual style of lyrics and delivery, whilst never coming up short.  For me, this album is now highly anticipated! 


Musikal Chairz

Musikal Chairz Cover Art

Musikal Chairz is an interesting and innovative compilation. It features a selection of different artists, producers and emcees from around the world, yet still manages to sound incredibly cohesive. 
With so many different artists and producers, it's difficult to liken it to anyone else, but given that we rarely feature any current hip hop from the UK on this site, that alone must tell you that this is definitely worth a listen.  Oh, and did I mention that it's a free 26 track LP?

It features cuts from The Hinderance (Passive 65ive, Maxx Reebo), Carl Kavorkian, Jimmy Greek, Duke Zero One, Gold Panda, Don Grizzly, DJ Man One, Taiyamo Denku (W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S), Dig Dug (Agartha Audio), Nac1 and Waatu with Vig Vega (as Verbezerker).

For free download or to preview the tracks, head over to:

You can also find out more about each of the artists and links to their respective websites.

Mike Check.

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