December 19, 2011

You can't beat free!

That's it. Elzhi's unexpected release of the free to download Elmatic, has seen my plans to release ''Asthmatic' shelved indefinitely. It's my own fault, i shouldn't have booked a recording studio at the top of a steep hill.

Remixing Nas Illmatic with the help of a live band was probably a much better project than my own anyway. If i am honest the intensity of Numb Nuttz's practice sessions has certainly dropped since our drummer 'Unpredictable Alan', not a reference to his propensity to miss rehearsals, more his efforts at rhythmic accuracy when he was ensconced at his stupid plastic camping seat tapping away, fell asleep during a live performance at the local community centre. No manners, but what a critic.

Thankfully back to Elzhi, I certainly prefer his present output to when he was a microphone exponent attached to Slum Village. He seems to be giving it full tilt on the cordless wand. I often felt he was a touch reserved when rolling with his previous bandmates, and as a consequence i find his rhymes a lot more involving. It is perhaps quite a brave and commendable move. Taking on a classic, and a truly revered one at that, will certainly have many waiting to watch you fall over your own ambition. However for what it is worth, and i think we all know the answer to that, i feel he provides a very interesting twist to an album most heads would agree is a top ten of all time certainty.

See what you think?

His own website is quite an interesting read also - Elzhi's Website, please stop by to support a talented artist.

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