December 16, 2010

Shock G - Talks about every Digital Underground LP incl. 2Pac's debut

Legendary producer Shock G talks to Vibe about the last 2 decades of his career and gives an unprecedented insight into the early days of Digital Underground and how it all began. 
He talks about each and every album, the influences, the problems, the whole lot, and some of his tales will come as a surprise. 

To think that Doowutchyalike came out in 1989 kind of shocks me now.  Pretty much everything else at that time (except the odd love song by Big Daddy Kane) was so hardcore and street, it makes you wonder how it ever happened.  In fact, Kane should have a took a leaf from the Digital Underground book when they released Kiss You Back, a cheesy love song that actually worked and was fun.

Hats off to Shock G.  One of the true legends in the game who is still bringing us dope beats.

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