December 5, 2010

UK B-Boy Championships 2010 - The Final (HD)

It's taken me longer to post this than I expected, but here it is, the final battle from the 2010 UK B-Boy Championships.  Vagabonds (France) battle Top 9 (Russia) for the title.  It's a hot battle and both crews certainly went all out to get it, but there can only be one winner....Vagabonds! 

Vagabonds certainly deserved it, they just had the edge when it came to aggression, creativity and originality, and their routines were better.  Plus, its the first crew final in several years where the audience didn't boo the judges decision.

This clip is shot in 720p HD and is an exclusive to FoaWP, so please give credit if you post it on your blog etc.

Download Links (1.7Gb each):
Part 1
Part 2

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