December 12, 2010

Sing-A-Song - Part II

Whilst downloading the Nottingham's Finest mix from Dominic Owen's website (see post below), I noticed that he'd got scans from an old copy of Hip Hop Connection magazine.  HHC was pioneering, it was operating before other magazines like The Source and in it's early days it was an incredible publication, let's face it there was no other publication representing us UK B-Boys.  How things have change at HHC since the late 80's....

Anyway, I have this issue somewhere, along with a couple of other classic issues, and I was well chuffed to see it again.  This particular issue meant a lot to me as it reviewed the Sing-A-Song artists, some of whom I knew personally at that time.  It's a trip down memory lane seeing youthful photo's of them again. 

Many of you will better know The Rapper Groove under his later pseudonym Blue Eyes or you will probably have attended one of his legendary events, the most notable being Fresh 97 and 98.

To all of you old skool UK Hip Hop fans, enjoy a flashback to how HHC once was.


  1. The intro to the article is amusing enough, Nottingham from an outsiders prospective, ha.
    I remember the article well, always baffled me why they said Mick Mott was from Nottingham though.

    Also in the same issue I seem to recall a section featuring street photo's of local youth around the city centre.
    It must've been a quiet monday morning cuz the people they shot certainly weren't Nottingham 'faces'. In fact I seem to remember that some of 'em were not into Hip Hop at all but were R&B/Swingbeat heads that used to linger round Vic Centre on Saturday afternoon.

    Nostalgia's great, innit?

    1. The thing that always baffled me, was the locations they chose for the photos. We had legendary venues like Rock City and they chose historical pats of Nottz with no connection to the music (especially the newly built Showcase Cinema site!?!??!).

      I don't remember the other photos, but would love to see them again now just for the laugh. The only other Nottz focus I remember was the graf piece which covered Spiders etc.

      I know you're not a FB kind of guy, but there are some great old school photos of Nottz crews on the NG83 documentary page, along with some old graf photos too. Like you say, nostalgia is great.

  2. There's another nice Nottz article in HHC that I can remember as well, it was about Popz100 (or Popx as he was known in the article). It had a few nice pics of shit like the 'Criminal Truth' jam and plenty of classic Popz graff.
    You may also recall that Popz featured in the '89 Bridlington graff jam article.

    As for the bizarre locations featured in the above article I suppose the best that could be said is that Blue Eyes is standing only a stones throw away from the Browns hall of fame.

    I might check out NG83 page, thanx for the heads up.